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Meetings were never a fountain of pure joy, but the virtual version is generally much worse. People feel anxious, unsure about how to contribute and often burnt out before the meeting even begins. After over a year of this new normal, facilitating online meetings that are productive and engaging can feel like an impossible task. Leaders everywhere are wondering, what is it that makes some virtual meetings run so smoothly while others feel excruciating and how do we run more of the good ones?

Full disclosure: my virtual facilitation practice is one born of necessity, not passion. The truth is…

Stripping everything down and staying in one place, limiting all interactions with people and the outside world during quarantine has created a strange intimacy with myself — a space I was too busy and mobile to notice before.

Since I can’t be physically present with most of my loved ones, I have become intimately acquainted with my feelings about everyone who matters. They have all become projections, a pixelated cast of characters in a weird new world. I am constantly exploring who I miss, what exactly I miss about them, and figuring out the shape of their absence within me…

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These days it’s hard to separate the good guys from the bad guys; the distinction no longer seems to hold water. Binary thinking has evolved from a simplistic survival mechanism into a rationale for lethal polarization. Toxic call-out culture has most of us paralyzed. We’re afraid to say the wrong thing for fear of getting canceled, so instead we say nothing at all.

In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, we need simple tools to find our place in it, and to show up as human beings in the process. Feedback is one of these tools.

Unfortunately, feedback can…

Why friendships deserve as much time and attention as any other relationship.

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The phrase adult friendships, like adult films, feels a little bit illicit, as if it’s something we shouldn’t be talking about. Aren’t adult friendship just regular “friendships” — the natural evolution of the ones you made on the playground as a kid? Shoehorning the word “adult” in there feels like putting an insert in a sneaker to make it more supportive. The truth is that adult friendships are a special beast.

The truth is that adult friendships are a special beast.

On a literal level, the phrase simply…

Feedback is a buzzword, with reactions that range from eye-rolls to pulse-pounding anxiety. Most people cringe at the thought because it makes us feel judged. We usually associate feedback with bad news and it tends to conjure up painful memories, be it a strict elementary school teacher or a painful performance review at work. We would much rather go through a day exchanging polite, superficial banalities with our co-workers and peers than sit and talk honestly about hard things.

Feedback is scary because it’s real and unpredictable. Feedback sheds light on our blind spots, which most of us have spent…

Have you ever worked somewhere where something went wrong? Does it take you longer than you think it will to explain what you do in your job?

Chances are, you work at a complex organization and you’re probably an expert at what you do.

In most organizations when an incident occurs, it’s common practice to call a meeting to discuss it. Generally called postmortems, retrospectives or after action reviews, the number of people in the room and the agendas of these gatherings vary. Sometimes new protocols are created, sometimes people get fired.

Empathy as a Foundation for Expertise

Learning from failure is something we imagine to happen naturally — and sometimes it does. You will instinctively think twice before touching the stove top after getting burned. However, as work becomes more complex and involves more people and components, learning from failure becomes more daunting and uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable because it involves flexing muscles that most of us aren’t used to using. However, we are doing ourselves a deep disservice if we let that uncomfortable feeling hold us back. …

Morgan Evans

Founder of Business Casual, MS in Change Management from The New School, formerly @Etsy

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